Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tile Tuesday: 30 Years of '69 Cubs

I came up with something new for this tile.

The 1969 Cubs was the team that got me hooked and broke my heart.  It's one of the most noted teams that never won anything.  And today's tile features them.

My premise:  Make a tile with all of the Topps cards that show any of the '69 Cubs as an active Cub.

There were 41 different players that made an appearance for the team, and 33 of them were shown as a Cub at least once.

The run starts with Ernie Banks in 1954 and ends with Fergie Jenkins in the 1984 set; a span of 30 years.

Ernie Banks was the lone player until Billy Williams and Ron Santo made the '61 set.  For the next few years, it was just those three.  Gradually the numbers increased until it peaked with 23 players in both the '69 and '70 sets.  Then the numbers dwindled and by 1975 there was only one left.

Then a few returned...Randy Hundley in the '77 set, Ken Holtzman in '78 and '79, and finally Fergie in the '82 - 84 sets.  The total number of cards is 169


I think I'll do the same with the '84 and 2003 teams.  Look for those in the upcoming weeks.


  1. That's pretty cool. I might do something similar for my evolution of the 1978 Topps dodgers.

  2. Shows how fast they broke up the team after 1969.