Monday, November 26, 2012

Player Collection Haul From Michael

Today I'll take a look at the cards I got from reader Michael that will end up in my player collections.

First off is this nice Ernie Banks card, from Donruss Timeless Treasures.

Several Andre Dawson cards were included, too starting with this numbered Classic Careers card.

These four come from his playing days.

The big winner, though, was Ryne Sandberg. I haven't really chased after too many of his cards. There are hundreds and hundreds out there and it seems like an impossible task. So I'm just going to go really slow.

But thanks to Michael, I added 16 cards at once.

I started my player collections in April, 2011 with a bunch of freebees from Nearlymint.  I keep the cards in penny sleeves in a 600 count box.  Early on, the box was pretty empty.  But over time its been gradually filling up and now, thanks to Michael, its maxed out.


I'm going to have to start a new box and split the players between the two...a nice problem to have! 

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