Sunday, November 11, 2012

1998 Cubs Convention Cards: The Rest of the Pack

The 30-card 1998 Cubs Convention set included sixteen cards of players from the past plus some off the field folks.

The old-timers were generally split into three different Cubs teams: the collapsing Cubs of '69 and the division winners from 1984 and 1989.

The 1969 Cubs got the most players.  Despite not winning anything, they still were more popular than the teams that actually won something.  Go figure!

These two combo cards feature a couple All Star infielders and a couple guys who weren't regulars.  Selma was the 4th starter and the Bleacher Bums' cheerleader, while Smith his an extra-inning walk off homer on opening day that got everyone fired up.

The three hall of famers got individual cards.  The biggest missing name would have to be Fergie Jenkins.  He was the Cubs pitching coach in 1995 and 1996, but was fired by Jim Riggleman.  I doubt he was at a convention while Riggleman continued as manager.

The next two cards bridge the two teams, with players from each.

Three of these four played important roles on their Cubs teams.  But Gamble, I'm not sure why he was invited to the convention....his MLB career lasted 1584 games and 1560 of those were with other teams.

On to the '84 Cubs...

Not much representation for this team...and Sarge had to share a card.  Sutcliffe was always a fan favorite and now he's in the running to replace Bob Brenly on TV.  The glaring omission would be Ryne Sandberg.  The convention was during the winter after he retired for good.  I wonder if he was just trying to distance himself from baseball for a little while?

The next team would be the Boys of Zimmer, the 1989 Cubs.  Though in 1998  they were the Cubs most recent winner, they were hardly represented at all.

 Dawson was the big name from this team.  Sutcliffe was on the team too, but wasn't the ace like in '84.

There were a couple other cards that featured random players...

...Always nice to see the other Reuschel get some attention.

The final three cards were for Cubs broadcasters...

That wasn't the luckiest group.  Harry died a month after the convention and  Brickhouse died six months later.  Josh Lewin ended up leaving the Cubs before the season...the team had already hired Chip Caray to do home games with Gramps while Lewin would do the road games.  Once Harry died, Lewin knew that the other Caray would end up with the whole gig, so he left to do the Tigers.

The only lucky guy among the four was Pat Hughes, who's still with the Cubs today.

That finishes up the set.  Since the Cubs didn't give away a team set at Wrigley in 1998, these cards can fill that hole nicely.

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  1. I actually saw the Willie Smith home run with my Dad from the third base boxes. I don't know that I ever saw my Dad any more excited. Again, awesome pickup.