Saturday, November 17, 2012

Oddball Barneys

I picked up a couple oddball Darwin Barney cards last week....

This card was from the 2007 Peoria Chiefs team set.  The card has a 2007 copyright on it and Barney's 2007 stats, so it must have been released after the season.  

The Cubs drafted Barney in the 4th round of the 2007 draft.  He started at Mesa in the rookie league before heading to Peoria to finish the season.  The picture has to be from Mesa, since the Chiefs don't wear uniforms that look anything like that.

I've got a Tristar card of Barney that shows him with Mesa, but it has a copyright of 2008.  I guess that makes this one his first card as a pro.  I wasn't aware the card existed until I stumbled upon it on Ebay a couple weeks ago. It doesn't show up on Beckett's master list.

Here's my other pickup and it too isn't on Beckett's list.  I learned about it from another Cub blog, Collecting the Cubs.

It's from Sega's Card-Gen set and is available only in Japan.  In fact, you can only get the cards by playing special Card-Gen arcade game.  You play the game and it spits out the card.  THere are 400 different cards in the set, including eleven Cubs.  For now, I just wanted to add the Barney card.

Topps made the cards for Sega, so it has a somewhat familiar look to it.  Well, at least the front does.  The back is not as familiar....

....unless you can read Japanese.

These two cards bring my Barney collection total to 79 cards.  

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  1. The photo's necessarily on the small side but otherwise I like the design of the Sega card.