Friday, November 16, 2012

Billy Made Some Money Signing for Leaf

It looks like Billy Williams was a busy boy for Leaf, signing a bunch of stickers.

This is from Leaf's Best of Baseball set.

I know, Leaf doesn't have an MLB license and the C on his helmet had to disappear.  Buy hey, if I can pick up an authentic autograph card of my favorite player, a hall of famer, for ten bucks, then I can live with the doctored helmet.

This is my second Leaf autograph card of Billy from 2012

I nabbed this one after the National...

...and this one a month or so ago....2011 Leaf Moments of Greatness.

I wonder how many stickers Leaf had Billy sign?  And how much does he get paid per sticker?  I got each of these cards for no more than $10.  Does Billy just get a few bucks each?

Ok, I really tried, but I just couldn't stand it any longer!!

Ahhhh!  Much better....just don't tell MLB!

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  1. Thanks. I feel better now. I wonder if a page of signed stickers could ever leak out onto the open market.