Friday, November 9, 2012

1998 Cubs Convention Cards...Autographs!

This box full of cards arrived at the WW World Headquarters last week...

...and it contained a pack of 30 cards from the 1998 Cubs Convention.  It cost me $7.50, but what a deal I got.  A total of 46 players were on the 30 cards, as many featured two players.  The cards were to be used by attendees for autographs.  My sets has nine autographs.  When you figure that into the price I paid, you can see why I said that I got a deal.

The cards themselves are a rather odd size.  Almost square, they measure 3 1/2" by 4".  I don't know if they were sold at the convention or given away.  Anyone out there ever attend a Cubs Convention?  Someday I'll have to make it to one.

I'm going to show the cards over the next three days.  Today I start with the autographed cards.

Some are of members of the '97 Cubs, but not exactly household names....


This card of Scott Servais.... the only name that you may recognize.

The cards also featured Cubs from the past.  The Cubs do a nice job of bringing back an array of ex-Cubs from a variety of eras...

This is my second Carmen Fanzone autograph.  I wrote about my first one here.

Mike Bielecki was the ace of the '89 division winning team.

The final two cards are the best. This one had both players sign, and it was a very cool pairing....

....Milt Pappas, who at the time was the last Cubs to pitch a no-hitter, and Don Cardwell, who tossed a no-hitter in his very first game as a Cub.

The last card is of a future star that most convention-goers in January of 1998 had never heard of.  By May of 1998, every baseball fan knew who he was....

....future star Kerry Wood!

Tomorrow I'l have the cards from the rest of the players that were active at the time of the Convention.


  1. That's funny! This was in my watch list but for one reason or another I missed out. And I was steaming when I saw it went for what it did. I probably would have paid that for an unsigned set, let alone getting a few signed! Glad it went to a good home though.

    Nice pickup!

  2. I wonder how often we end up bidding against each other. We've probably cost each other some $ over the years!

  3. Luckily, I haven't bought much from eBay recently. My last bunch of purchases have been Tony Campana based, plus a few other Cubs items from the same sellers to justify shipping. I'm trying to work on completing regular issues before I move onto the oddballs like this, but it caught my eye.

    I'm not even sure how I came across that auction because it isn't in my normal search parameters. I must have seen a single card from a different auction and then probably searched for a set.

  4. Kevin Foster passed away in 2008. That one alone is probably worth what you paid.