Thursday, November 29, 2012

2006 SP Legendary Cuts Cubs Team Set

Several team sets were included in the package that Michael sent my way.  Many were already in my collection.  But one wasn't and it really caught my eye, the 2006 SP Legendary Cuts team set.  I have a few SP Legendary Cut cards in my Ernie and Billy collections.  Having an entire team set inspired me, though....I decided to chase the entire Cubs run.

Upper Deck issued the first SP Legendary Cuts set in 2001 and continued the run through 2009.  I used the team checklists at TeamsetsforU and came up with 71 different Cubs.  Most were cheap and easy to get at Sportlots.  Unfortunately, there were eleven shortprints and numbered cards too.  I spent more for those eleven than I did on the other 60 regular cards.

They're starting to arrive now, and as soon as I have a year completed, I get them posted.

Today I've got the 2006 cards.  There are a total of 12 regular cards and one short print.  Michael was generous enough to send me the 12 regular cards....


You can see that the players are from a mixture of eras....from the '20s through the '90s.

The short print is this one...

...of Ron Santo.

The SP Legendary Cuts cards will make a nice addition to my collection and I'm looking forward seeing the designs of the different years.

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