Friday, November 23, 2012

Blackwell Friday

Black Friday has become Blackwell Friday, as I take a look at the Cubs back-up catcher from the late '70s and early '80s.

Tim Blackwell joined the Cubs prior to spring training 1978, having been released by the Expos a month earlier.  The Cubs would be his fourth organization, having also been with the Red Sox, Phillies, and Montreal.  He didn't show much with any team, so the Cubs were probably his last shot.

In four years with the Cubs, he played in about 60 games per season.  The exception was 1980, when he became the starter and played in 103 games and hit a career high .272.  In 1981 he reverted back to his no-hit ways, and the Cubs released him after the season.

Though with the team in both '78 and '79, he didn't get his first card until 1980...

...and we get our first look at his floppy mustache.


The action cards the next couple years hide the 'stache a bit, but on this

Topps Giant card from 1981 we get to it in all its glory.

And if you hit the stores today, pick grab one of these...

....for Tim Blackwell

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  1. No offense but I'd just as soon forget Tim Blackwell.