Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1980 Baseball Immortals

Another recent oddball pickup...

From 1980 - 1988 TCMA released a set called "Baseball Immortals."  The set consisted of all of the players in the Hall of Fame.  It was first released in 1980 and then updated each year with any new HOF inductees.

There were eleven Cubs in the initial 1980 set.  You can see on the card the pennant that has the year the players was inducted into Cooperstown.  Billy Williams was added late in the sets run, after his election in 1987.

Though over 30 years old, the cards are pretty easy to come by.  I got all of them except for the Williams card through Sportlots, and most were only 18¢.  The Billy Williams card wasn't available through Sportlots or Beckett Marketplace.  One did show up on Ebay, but I had to pay nearly a buck for it.








  1. Nice set, although the Billy and Ernie look out of place with their fancy schmancy "real" photos.

  2. I wanted this set so badly as a kid. I've only recently tried to pick up a handful of the Dodgers.