Friday, November 2, 2012

No Thanks, I'll Pass

Billy Williams is my all-time favorite player and I've been working on adding cards to my player collection.  Right now the total stands at 163 different cards. It's not a huge number, but I don't mind just plodding along, adding a few here and a few there.

It doesn't happen often, but there are times when I see a Billy Williams card and say, no thanks, I'll pass.  Here's one of those cards...

....from 2008 SP Legendary.  I passed on the card; the picture was lifted from ebay.  It's a nice enough card, with a nice color picture of Billy on top of a black and white background.  Its a /50 card and has a BIN of $9.99...nothing too outrageous.  So why pass?

I think the reason is pretty obvious--that big green piece.  Somehow, the blue uniform and hat just don't seem to match with the green Oakland A's jersey.

Cards like this I can handle.  I didn't like that the Cubs traded Billy, but I accepted it.  But a green jersey on a card that shows and lists him as a Cub---no. Sorry, I won't accept it...I pass.


  1. I totally agree. It makes no sense and to be honest it doesn't help the card manufacturer's credibility either. Some people already are leery of the authenticity of GU pieces anyway (Did that green patch come from a jersey that Billy really wore when he was an Athletic?) It also is a little false advertising. Here they are showing the player in his Cubs uniform and then provide a piece from his Athletic's uniform? Whhhhhaaaat?

  2. Being an older player, I know jersey's maybe hard to come by...but if you are going to put a green jersey on the card might as well at least put that the piece came from when he was on the A's. If I was a big enough Williams fan, I would maybe still pick it up. If it was purple, then I would really pass!

  3. Could it be from a St. Patrick's day jersey while he was coaching the Cubs?

    1. I don't think so. I know the Sox have worn green jerseys, but I don't ever recall the Cubs going in green.

  4. Apparently I didn't look close enough the only other time I saw this card. I assumed because it said "memorabilia" instead of jersey that it was a piece of Wrigley, like a seat or something. Weird.

  5. I'm in agreement. It's especially bad when the player is so identified with one team and the relic is from another.

  6. Story of my life except with garvey and the padres.

  7. I too wish to forget that Garvey was with the Padres.