Wednesday, March 9, 2016

2010 Topps Attax Cubs

The 2010 Cubs were a team in decline.  Lou Piniella quit two-thirds of the way through the season and then Mike Quade took over.  The ended the year with a record of 75-87.

It is with a certain amount of irony that I share their cards from the Attax set.  Attax is not a word associated with the 2010 Cubs.

This was the middle year of a three year run of Topps Attax sets.  The 2010 set included nine Cubs.  I've never played the Attax game, so I really have no idea what the blue, red, and green numbers mean.  Is a high number good or bad?  My assumption is that high number are better, since Mike Fontenot is in the '70s while Derrek Lee's numbers are '80s.






  1. I played Attax a few times against my brother when we both got a starter set and picked up a few singles. Basically you assemble your team of 9 position players and 9 pitchers. Your pitcher calls a pitch and depending on who has the higher number it is either a home run or an out.

  2. For example Ryan Dempster would get a lot of outs if you called change-up but if you call fastball, he will likely get lit up