Friday, March 25, 2016

2014 Topps Clear Acetate Darwin Barney

Prompt work by both the seller and the post office have given me the chance to finally hold a 2014 Topps Darwin Barney clear acetate card.

The cards a bit thicker than I was anticipating.  I was thinking it would be on a more flimsy acetate, kinda like the film used on an overhead projector.  But it isn't flimsy at all.  It plenty sturdy,

I was also a bit unsure on the scanning I scanned it twice.

This was done with the scanner top open, so I get a nice black background.

The second can was with a white background.  This looks almost like a regular card.  I'm going to keep the black background scan for my files.

The back of the card also was a curiosity for me.  I knew that it couldn't have a regular card back because of the clear parts.  So..

...this is the back with a black background and this.... what it looks like with a white background.

The back gives us a left handed version of Darwin Barney.   I would have really loved seeing this when I was a kid because in little league I was a left handed second baseman.

The card is my 26th version of the 2014 Topps Darwin Barney and most likely is my last.  I'll have something on all 26 cards tomorrow.

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  1. Cool. The white background overall looks nicer but the black background gives you more of the clear card feel. It is nice that have the reverse image for the back rather than filling it in making it a silhouette image.