Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Couple More 2010 Attax Cards

In 2010 Topps made their Attax cards available in several sets.  There was the regular set, which I showed yesterday.  They also included a limited number of cards as inserts in Opening Day, Series Two, and the Update set.

The Cubs were shut out of the 25 player Opening Day Attax insert set.  They did nab some spots in both the Series Two set (one player out of the 27) and Update (two out of 50).

Derrek Lee was in series two.  It wasn't too long after the set came out that he was traded to the Braves.

Alfonso Soriano and Starlin Castro were the Update Cubs.

What I found to be interesting is comparing these cards with the base set cards.  Lee and Soriano were in both sets.


The pictures are not the same, which makes sense.  But look at Derrek Lee's numbers.  They've been changed.  All three numbers on the base set Attax card are lower than what is shown on the series two card. He also lost a star, going from five to four.  

I guess Topps knew what the Cubs knew...that D-Lee was in D-cline.

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