Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Perfect Darwin Barney Card

I've never been much into the whole card-grading thing (I've cracked open the case any time I've bought a graded card).  But I decide to start looking into graded Darwin Barney cards.

This is the first one I picked up.  Its his rookie card and it is a perfect 10 - gem mint.  According to the PSA population report, there are just six perfect 10 2011 Barney cards.  I'm sure that it has such a low pop because, well, who bothers to get 2011 cards of Darwin Barney graded?

If perfect 10 cards from his other years of Topps base become available, I may try to get them.  Right now there aren't any on Ebay.  Again, who bothers to get Darwin Barney cards graded?  But who knows?

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