Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2016 Heritage Clubhouse Collection Cubs

I've have a collection goal of getting all of the Cubs Heritage Clubhouse Collection cards.  The first CC Cub card was in the second year of Heritage, 2002 and I've managed to get them all from that point on.

This year is presents an interesting challenge.  There are just three Cubs on the CC checklist, but two of them make things interesting.

Anthony Rizzo is the easy one.  I picked his card up without any trouble.  The card hasn't been very plentiful on Ebay, but I was able to grab one via BIN.

Kris Bryant was a challenge.  I figured anything Bryant-related was going to bring a premium price.  After losing a couple auctions for the card, I found a BIN listing that was going for less than the most recent auction price.  I grabbed it.  Usually I get a good deal buying early after a product's release.  Not this time.  There are several more of this card listed than there were last week and I think I overpaid.  Oh, well...win some, lose some.

The third Cub Clubhouse Collection card belongs to Kyle Schwarber.  The card is a ghost.  Not a single one has been listed.  There have been some of the gold /99 version of the card on Ebay, but none of the regular version.

I'm starting to think that the regular version doesn't exist.  In fact, the same thing happened last year.

The Ernie Banks Clubhouse Collection card never appeared in base form, just gold.

So, how can you have a parallel of a card if the card wasn't made?


  1. Nice pair of Bryzzo. Or is it Bryzzos?

  2. i overpaid on a bryant base card (went for a bin at $3.25 shipped) when i could have had one from sportlots for about $1.50 shipped. i needed one for my memorials collection (he's got the ernie patch on his chest due to the all-star game patch on the sleeve) and jumped before looking around for a better deal. c'est la vie.