Saturday, March 26, 2016

The 2014 Topps Darwin Barney Super Rainbow

As I mentioned yesterday, I now have 26 different versions of Darwin Barney's 2014 Topps card.

Here's the rundown:

  1. Base
  2. Clear 8/10
  3. Blank back 1/1
  4. No Foil
  5. Power Player
  6. First Edition
  7. Opening Day
  8. Opening Day blank back 1/1
  9. Factory Team set
  10. PInk 33/50
  11. Black 04/63
  12. Camo 60/99
  13. Orange 137/199
  14. Gold 1385/2014
  15. Red Foil 
  16. Blue
  17. Red
  18. Green
  19. Purple
  20. Yellow
  21. Opening Day Blue 0395/2014
  22. Mini
  23. Mini Platinum 1/1
  24. Mini black 1/5
  25. Mini Gold 15/25
  26. Mini Pink 58/63

Missing yet would be the printing plates from the base set, Opening Day, and mini and a platinum from the base set.  These MIA cards are all 1/1.  If one ever pops up on Ebay I'll probably watch the auction and set a snipe, but my chances are going to be pretty slim.  As things stand right now I've already got three 1/1s.  I'm pretty satisfied with that.

Here's a look at all 26 cards.  They're in the same order as my list above.

And a GIF to see them all at once:


  1. Nice! How do you store/display them? Top loaders or in 9 pocket pages?

    1. I keep the cards in penny sleeves and store them in a 400 count box.

  2. Very cool indeed.
    [and happy to have Darwin playing with the Jays this year]

  3. Super Rainbows are Super Cool! Good work!

  4. This is a ridiculous money-grab by Topps!