Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spring Fever Cubs 2016

I'm writing this post after spending an hour outside dealing with a driveway covered in three to four inches of wet, sloppy, heavy snow.  The temperature is now dropping and the wet driveway is turning into a skating rink.

Spring can't get here soon enough.

The mailman did bring a little spring to me - Spring Fever.

This is the fourth year that Topps has had their Spring Fever promotion. The deal - bring in some wrappers from the base set to your local hobby shop and trade them in for a pack of Spring Fever cards.

I don't buy packs and I don't have a local hobby shop.

I do have Ebay and I have five new Spring Fever Cubs cards.  For the Cubs to land five of the 50 spots on the checklist is amazing.  Two years ago not a single Cub was on the list.  That's quite a turnaround.

The five are big names...Arrieta, Bryant, Heyward (making his first cardboard appearance as a Cub), Rizzo, and Schwarber.


My only complaint with the cards is a set called Spring Fever, why on Earth is there...

a SNOW STORM!  Snow is the last thing I want to see!!!


  1. Ugh, that JHey photoshop job is terrible! Rest of the set looks good though... I redeemed for a pack and got a Greinke (D-Backs), Pence, Harvey, Cano and Trea Turner. Was bummed that I got skunked on Cubs.

  2. I agree. Outstanding set of guys. Lousy design.