Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Players Side By Side - Heritage 2016 and Topps 1967

Yesterday's side by side concentrated on the design elements of the cards.  Today I'll compare the players.

In some respects the '67 and '16 Cubs teams are similar.  The manager of both teams is a big name guy.  Both teams have lots of promising, young players...there are two rookie trophies on each.  But the '67 team was coming off of a last place finish while the '16 team looks to make it back to the LCS and beyond.

The Managers...





The Infielders...minus a second basement since Heritage didn't have one for the Cubs





The Pitchers...







The 1967 Cubs were one of the big surprises of the season.  The team won 28 more games than it did the year before and jumped from 10th place to 3rd.  The seeds of the '69 Cubs had been sown and were starting to sprout.

The 2016 team is one year head of it's '67 counterparts, having its big surprise season in 2015.  There are huge expectations on the team now.  I hope things don't play out like they did with the '69 Cubs!

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