Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Heritage 2016 and Topps 1967 Side By Side

Here is my annual look at what kind of a re-creation job Topps did with Heritage.

This year should have been a pretty easy one.  The 1967 design is about as basic as you will get....Player name and position on top, team name on the bottom, an autograph...nothing else.


Here's a couple typical Cubs card from 1967.  Most of the Cubs have the player name and position in black while a few have the name in white and the position in yellow.


The same was done in Heritage; most are black, a few in white.

The biggest difference on the top is that Heritage is missing the dot between the name and position.


The first series from 1967 was also missing the dot. My guess is that the design team realized that the top looked too plain and so the dot was added for the other series.

I think the Heritage cards look pretty plain without the dot.  Do you suppose Topps is saving the dot for a Heritage High Numbers set?

Moving on to the team name on the bottom of the card...take a look.

The original is on top, Heritage on the bottom.  It's close but no cigar.  The Heritage letters aren't as thick and their black border is thinner.  I've always been baffled as to why Topps cannot duplicate their own work.

The rookie cards match up a little better and they have the dot between the name and position, too.

The team cards...not even close.  I miss the team photo cards.


  1. I'm with you...why can't they duplicate their own stuff? I can do a better job with a scanner and a photo editing program. All you have to do is separate the lettering from the photos and then put it over a new photo.
    And how could they leave out all the dots? Unbelievable. If I wasn't getting a base set from a case my friend is opening, I would skip Heritage...again.

    1. Oh, and don't teams take team photos any more? The team card "action shots" are boring.