Thursday, March 31, 2016

2016 Topps Stickers Cubs

Topps is using their tried and true formula for this year's stickers; nine players and a team logo per team.  Its the same thing they've done since re-introducing stickers in 2011.

These must have a fairly early print deadline because Starlin Castro is in the Cubs set and Jason Heyward is with the Cardinals.  It's interesting that some sets can be changed on the fly (Heritage has both Castro and Heyward with their correct team) while the stickers are stuck with out-of-place players.

The Cubs set includes all the players you think it should...Arrieta, Bryant, Lester, Rizzo, Russell, Schwarber, Soler...and Hammel??





The team logo cards are again twofers, with the Cubs and Sox sharing a sheet.  It's the fourth year in a row the two Chicago teams are on the same sticker.  All four times the Sox logo has been on top.  

That needs to be changed.  


  1. I like the design. Basic, clean, maybe a little too much white on the bottom though. Pretty good photo selection and cropping (aside from Russell). I had a custom at one point that was very similar although my picture outline was more home plate shaped.

  2. Two thoughts on the non-updated rosters...

    1) Unlike Heritage, you'd have to change both the stickers AND the album, and while you could drop Castro and add Hayward for the Cubs, there might not always be a one-for-one tradeoff involved.

    2) They used to photoshop stickers, but I think that was back when they were printed in-house (or at least in-country). The stickers are printed in Italy now, and I wonder if they have to finalize the checklist and designs earlier because of that.