Thursday, March 3, 2016

First 2012 Heritage Barney No Position in Two Years

After over two years of being invisible on Ebay, a 2012 Darwin Barney Heritage No Position variation card surfaced.  It had the ridiculous BIN price of $275.  I've been tracking the card on Ebay since it was released and the average price of the previous 36 that were sold was $86.

But I guess there were some anxious Heritage collectors that wanted the card because it was sold less than two days after being listed.  The seller didn't get his BIN, but a pretty larger Best Offer was accepted:

The card went for $175!  Heritage collectors are a serious bunch!

The previous to copies sold on Ebay, in December of 2013 and February, 2014 went for $27.95 and $24.  Where were those Heritage collectors two years ago?

If you are curious, the screen shot comes from the website  The site lets you find the final price of any item sold by Best Offer.  Its a pretty nifty little tool.

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  1. And to think I was constructing in my head my comment of where you got the buy it now price from (it would have read something like "Hey - where did you get that buy it now price from?" Yeah - I'm not really eloquent). I just had to keep reading the post.

    Bookmarked that link. That has to be some valuable info when researching prices on ebay. You have ALL the tricks!