Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2016 Opening Day Inserts

This is crazy.  The Cubs had almost as many insert cards (7) as regular cards (8) with 2016 Opening Day.

Clark was included in the mascot set.  The Cubs have done a nice job with him.  Sticking to their word, he doesn't do anything on the field during games.  His role is to keep the kids happy.  I'm assuming someday that Clark will get a girl partner named Addisyn.

Two Cubs made the Superstar Celebrations.... Jake Arrieta is celebrating the Cubs NLDS series win over the Cardinals.  Bryant's getting dumped on after hitting a walk-off homer against the Indians on August 24

Alternate reality highlights the Cubs blue alternate uniform.  I'm not a fan of these.  Give me the pinstripes and grays.

What a surprise, Kris Bryant is on another inserts. This one is Opening Day Stars.  

John Lackey doesn't have a regular card in Opening Day, but he is in Striking Distance.  He needs 13 starts to reach 400.  The picture is a Photoshop job.

Kyle Schwarber is a Heavy Hitter.  What, no Kris Bryant??


  1. The Schwarb! Got him on my fantasy team this year. I think we got 1 insert...

  2. The best part about Topps Opening Day is their annual mascot set.