Saturday, March 12, 2016

Heritage 2016 Cubs Team Set

My Heritage cards from Brentandbecca have arrived!

The Cubs set includes 13 base cards, three SPs, and three more inserts, a total of 19 cards.  All of the big names are included, including off-season signees Jason Heyward and John Lackey.  The most notable missing player is Ben Zobrist.  Topps also got lucky including Dexter Fowler.  When the cards went to print he was still a free agent.

Today I'll just show the regular cards.  Upcoming posts will include the inserts and a side by side comparison of these with their 1967 counterparts.



  1. I was disappointed that Heyward's card was a SP, and that he has a regular card in the set as a Cardinal. He doesn't need two cards in the set, especially when one of them is so blatantly photoshopped. If Topps had time to change him to a Cub, then they could of added someone else to the set.
    I love the rookie stars card!

  2. What I find annoying (besides the poor qrainy quality of EVERY 1967 Heritage card), is the proliferation of players known as "Jr" and "III", such as Carl Edwards Jr, Robert Griffin III, etc.

    If their dads were also in "the business", then fine, but otherwise it's just extraneous nonsense, mostly for "show". (See what J-Lo started with her catchy acronym?)

    Ken Griffey Jr? Yes; all these others? No!

    I mean, who gives a damn that QB Robert Griffin III is "the third"? His father and grandfather are not in the minds of sports fans.

    /rant off