Friday, March 11, 2016

2016 Clubhouse Collection Schwarber

So it looks like there is no base Schwarber  Clubhouse Collection card, just the gold parallel.  I broke down and grabbed the gold.

These are numbered to 99.  So far just six of the 99 have been listed on Ebay.  Three have been sold and three more are listed right now.  To see just six of the 99 seems low.  But then I check on the gold version of Anthony Rizzo's and only four have been listed.  Where are all the others??

The Schwarber card wraps up this year's Clubhouse Collection.  I now have a total of 32 of the relics since a Cub first made the checklist in 2002.  Here's a look at all of them:


  1. With the blue swatch, red background and gold border, that is a tough card to look at. White border looks far better.

    1. I agree... hard on the eyes for sure.

  2. It would be interesting to see the statistics for how much of a given card product is opened versus how much was printed. Heritage is more of a set-driven product than a hit-driven product, so most people probably stop breaking it once they've finished their set. After that there are probably runs on it during holiday sales or a slow trickle of purchases as people work on want lists, but in all likelihood the relics and autos that people are looking for are still sitting in a pack on a shelf somewhere.

  3. I'm drawn to the more unusual so I like the Hank Sauer.