Saturday, July 11, 2015

1988 David Berg Cubs Set

David Berg returned as the sponsor for the Cubs 1988 giveaway set.

This time they had a partner, Venture Department Stores.  Venture, like David Berg, is gone today.  They closed their stores in 1998.  Many sites were bought by KMart and converted.

One interesting thing with the 1988 cards is that...

...they looked very similar to both the '86 and '87 versions.  The Cubs marketing department wasn't being too creative with their card designs during this three year run.

As far as the players go, there aren't any cards that are particularly noteworthy.  The set does include four hall of fame players (Dawson, Gossage, Maddux, and Sandberg).  The team itself was pretty mediocre, going 75-87 and finishing in fourth place.














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  1. Obviously, I normally look at the Boys of Zimmer through rose colored glasses but in hindsight, this team was probably a little less mediocre than underachieving. That 1988 team had 6 players named to the All-Star team (Sandberg, Maddux, Dawson, Dunston, Law and Palmeiro). I think that's still the team record?

    They had 4 other players who were All-Stars at some other time with the Cubs (Sutcliffe, Trillo, Grace and Jody Davis).

    They had 4 more players who were All-Stars at some point in their career with other teams (Moyer, Gossage, Sanderson and Tewksbury).

    And Zimmer was an All-Star as a player and helped coach the 1990 NL All-stars when Wrigley hosted.

    *Sigh* Oh, what could have been...