Thursday, July 9, 2015

More Sparkles from Series Two

Beating a gimmick to death, the sparkles are back again in Series Two.  Another 50 have been added, to go along with the 50 from Series One.  When one out of every seven cards in the set has a sparkle variation, I don't see them as being very special or unique.

Two of the 50 were Cubs, and both are pitchers.  I'll show the cards first and you can search for the sparkle.  When you think you've found them, scroll down to see if you were looking in the right spot.


Find them?  Scroll


                                           a bit futher

                                                              and see where they actually are


The Cubs have netted five of the 100 sparkle spots.  All five are below:


  1. This is a gimmick in it's purest form... I was hoping they were done with this, to be honest. Oh well.

  2. Do you know if the sparkle cards are inserted in a specific format - whether hobby or retail, or both, or something else? We didn't find anything listed in the limited internet browsing. We bought a few blasters and hangers so just curious.