Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Monsieur Billy Williams...And Then Some

On Monday I mentioned that I bought all the O-Pee-Chee cards for Billy Williams that were listed on PSA's master list.  I also added the phrase, "and then some."

Here's why:

PSA included 15 OPC cards for Billy.  These included the base cards, team cards, and leader cards.  Yet, for reasons I don't understand, there are four more OPC Billy cards that are not on the list...


These are the 1968 card, the 1971 team card, the 1974 card, and the 1974 team card.

I don't collect graded cards, so I'm not up on all the rules and regulations that PSA uses to determine its master list.  

The Topps version of each of these four is on the list.  The Venezuelan version of the 1968 card is included.  But not these four and I am clueless as to the reason for their exclusion.

Anyone got any ideas??


  1. Seems crazy, but maybe no one has sent one in to be graded yet?

  2. As of August 2016 the 1974 OPC #110 has been added to the Master Set, but not the others (or, for that matter, the 1963 Jello Hand Cut). All that has to happen is that someone with a graded card emails the Set Registry people (anyone on the Registry would know how) and request that it be added to the Master Set. I could do it with the two team cards, as I have them in my Banks collection. In answer to the other question, yes, #37 has five graded examples.