Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Complete Cubs Uniform Number Frankenset

Today is Frankenset Recap Day.

  • The set is made up of 66 cards.
  • There are seven numbers that have been worn by players that aren't in the set (60, 61, 66, 67, 71, 94, and 96).  Based on the cards that are out there, it is doubtful that I'll find something for the set with these numbers unless a new player wears the number.
  • The home uniform is shown on 23 cards, the road uniform on another 39, and the alternate used at both home and the road makes four appearances.
  • The first pitcher doesn't show up until card #30.  After #29, position players make only eight more cards while the pitchers are on the other 29.
  • All the cards are vertical except for the last one.
  • This was fun!



  1. that's a cool project! i guess i can forgive you for using kessinger as 11 instead of cey. also, your number 7 would be my number 16

  2. As someone with a love for uniform number history, I have to say that this is an awesome idea. The set looks even cooler when it's entirely put together too!

  3. I agree, this is cool. I might do a third franken-set. (maybe I'll call it #2, technically I announced the new one to begin posting in January). I will keep my eyes out for Cubbies when doing the huge jersey number franken-set for those missing numbers of yours. Fingers crossed as though are toughies.