Friday, July 17, 2015

Cubs Numbers Frankenset #21 - 40

Here come the next twenty numbers.  This batch was probably the easiest, since most of these numbers have been worn pretty regularly.

Some notes:

  • Like him or not, I felt I had to go with Sammy for #21
  • #22, 23, 25, and 26 are all among my favorite players....easy choices there
  • There were better players that wore #28, but I couldn't pass up Tarzan Joe Wallis
  • Same with #29 and 'Lil Dougie
  • I couldn't decide between Fergie and Maddux for #31 so I went the oddball route.
  • #39 wasn't easy.  It hasn't been worn by many players for extended years.  Krukow wore it from '77-81, and that was nearly the longest run it has been worn.  Most of the guy in #39 had it for just a year or two, meaning cards with them in it aren't plentiful.  The Krukow card I used was the best I have.


  1. Krukow! Buckner is great, too. Sometimes I toy with making a player collection out of him, which makes no sense as he never played for the Giants, but that mustache is so mesmerizing. I'm horrible with remembering player numbers so could probably not compete, but I enjoy watching you play this game.

  2. Dascenzo will always be the only player to wear #29 in my eyes. He was a household favorite!