Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hyped Rookies... Good For the Team, Tough on the Wallet

The prospects we've been hearing about for the past couple years have arrived.  The team is doing much better.

And Topps is making me pay.

This year's retail version of the factory complete set includes five bonus cards. They are variations of five rookies regular card.

Remember the past few years when I complained about the number of Cubs being short in various sets.  

Not any more.

Of the five bonus rookies, two of the five are Cubs.

Jorge Soler is the first.  His card set me back a couple bucks.  No big deal.

Player #2 is a big deal.

Kris Bryant's card set me back more than a couple bucks.  Waay more than a couple bucks.

So my choices are lousy teams and cheap cards or good teams with more expensive cards.

I'll pay the extra!

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