Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rookie of the Year

Here he is, Rookie of the Year...

...2009 version....

...and 2015 version.

I sure hope the career of the 2015 ROY doesn't follow the same path as 2009's.

I'm pretty sure Bryant is on a stronger path.

I'm also pretty sure that by winning the Rookie of the Year, my quest for a certified Bryant autograph will be delayed even more.  I did recently get some birthday money for the card fund.  But not Bryant autograph money.  

And when he wins the NL and World Series MVPs next year, that will push my quest back even further.  

I will happily wait if that happens!


  1. Interesting comparison between Bryant and Dave Kingman at age 23: both playing mostly at third base, Kingman hit more HR (29 to 26) and stole more bases (16 to 13); Bryant's average was much higher (.275 to .225) and he walked more (77 to 51), but he also struck out a LOT more (199 to 140). Bryant's fielding average at third was better, but his range was worse. Of course Bryant seems to have a better attitude!

  2. I wonder what would've happened if the Astros had taken Bryant instead of Appel all of those moons ago.

  3. I think I may have a few spare Bryant autos. Just kidding! I don't think I even have a Bryant base card. Knowing you, you'll pick one up sooner than later.