Monday, November 30, 2015

WW's Best Actual Binder Page

I'm going to tweak Junior Junkies binder page idea.  

Instead of taking nine cards from my collection and putting them and putting them into a page, I'm using actual binder pages.  These are pages as they reside in my binders.  I couldn't narrow it down to just one page, so I've come up with my top five binder pages:

#5: 1969 All Star Page for my 1969 Complete Set...Looks cool on both the front and the back!

#4: Kelloggs 3D...This is the first page of my Kelloggs collection, The cards are from 1970 and 1971

#3: 1970 Topps team page...the first set I really collected back in the day....the 1969 Cubs.  I got about half of these in 1970, mostly the lesser names.  It still amazes me that I can now have all of them.

#2: Ernie's rookie of my prized possessions on a page filled with awesome looking 61-year-old cards.  I left the top row of the sheet blank because I want to keep the Banks card as protected as possible.

#1: Greats of the Game 2006 Autograph Page.  My only regret with this page is that there are ten autographs in the set, the tenth is on the next page and it is Billy Williams.  But other than that, wow... I love this page!


  1. That Greats of the Game page is beautiful.

  2. Darn. Now I'm going to have to hunt down a Randy Hundley auto for my penmanship collection.

  3. In my opinion, it would almost be worth taking the step out of order and putting Billy in where the Gary Matthews auto card is, and move Sarge to page two. Billy deserves to be in that group, and Gary's auto just leaves a lot to be desired. Just an observation. And weird to see an Ernie RC not in some kind of protective case and instead just being "one of the guys" in the '54 page...

  4. Thought about moving Billy, but it would kill me to have the cards out of to be in alphabetical order. Same with Ernie. Not the safest place to store him, but I couldn't stand to have the card missing from the page. Moving the card down to the second row was my concession to keeping the card safe.

  5. Wow. The auto page is a pleasure to look at. That's one of those deals where I might find a way to display all ten cards together, because it's just that cool!