Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2016 Cubs Schedule, Convention Version

For the past few years the Cubs have been putting out three different versions of a season's schedule.  

The first comes out at the end of September and is a bare-bones schedule.  It just list games as home or away.  The second version comes out at the Cubs Convention in January.  It's got a bit more detail and has more ticket and promotion information.  The final version comes out during spring training and its the full-blast, got it all schedule.

I didn't attend this year's convention (actually I've never gone to any Cubs Convention, but I need to!), but I was able to pick up the convention version of the schedule off of Ebay.

We've got the big three on the cover, Rizzo, Bryant, and Maddon.  It's a nice cover, but I like the cover on the September calendar more.  

That picture of Perdo Strop running along side Kris Bryant after a walk-off home run is great.  That was one of my favorite moments of the entire season.

In March I'll call the Cubs and request the full 2016 schedule.  They are happy to send a few to me and I'm happy to get them into my collection


  1. I agree but I like the new one as well. I wonder what the regular one will be like.

  2. I wish I would have know you wanted the Convention schedule, because I could have picked up a couple of extras. Bummer.

    The Strop-Bryant moment WAS my favorite of the year, in what was a year filled with fun memories.

  3. First question-
    For the 2016 season, do they still make and sell Calendars, that have:
    Month by month separate pages, along with the Cubs 2016 schedule
    (Opponents & game time)?
    Or on top of those two, promotion schedule, room for notes and/or box score?

    If anyone knows where I can purchase a calendar like the one I described above, please let me know!!

    Years back, you could find a great detailed Cubs season calendar almost anywhere.

    Feel free to email me: