Monday, April 18, 2016

2016 Gypsy Queen Cubs

As usual, I bought my set from Brentandbecca.  As usual, Brent was speedy with his delivery.

Gypsy Queen is the one major brand that Topps brought out after I returned to collecting.  I've been on it from the start.  I wasn't a big fan early on, but I've come to at least be ok with it.

The design of the cards for 2016 is the the most plain of the six years.  There are very few of the typical Gypsy Queen dippsy-dos in the corners.  The Gypsy Queen letters lack the flourish of previous designs.    The red lettering also seems out of place for this brand.

This year's Cubs set has grown from eight players last year to fourteen this year.  And thirteen of the fourteen are active players.  The Cubs, they are improving!

In addition to the regular cards, there are several photo variations.  In the past I've picked them up, since there were just one or two Cubs.  This year I'm skipping them because five of the fourteen Cubs have a variation. If the prices come down, especially for the Bryant variation, I may go back and get them.  But right now, pass.

Fergie is the only retired Cub.  No Ernie or Santo (I don't believe Topps has the rights to either); no Billy or Ryno either.


And we've seen this picture a few time before.

As far as the current players, there's only one curious addition...

...Carl Edwards.  He'll probably end up the the big club some time this season, but right now he is in AAA.

The selection of players left out the catchers and the bullpen, but the other regulars you would expect are there.








  1. Oooooh! A Zobrist in a Cubs uni!
    I think this actually my favorite GQ design, and it's because of the lack of dipsy doo's in the corners.

  2. Topps is really going in on the "Stringbean Slinger" this year. I think he's showed up in every product released so far.