Friday, April 22, 2016



We're running out of adjectives to describe the incredible roll that Jake Arrieta is on.

He didn't look too sharp early on last night. It took him over 60 pitches to get through the first four innings. He was able to right the ship and needed 60 more for the final five innings.

The Reds didn't have anything close to a hit.

With just nine starts in between, he has no hitter #2.

If the Cubs go deep into the post-season this year, it will be because of Jake Arrieta

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  1. I thought the No hitter thrown by Roy Halladay against the Reds in the 2010 Postseason was bad. Maybe it's the fact that the Cubs scored 16 runs in the game. Talk about salt in a wound. That was just murderous. No doubt Chicago is the team to beat in the Central this year. Congrats to Arrieta.