Monday, April 11, 2016

Filling in the Schwarber Gap


So, that wasn't the way the plan was drawn up.

Only three games in and one of your big boppers is done for the year.

On to Plan B.

Luckily, the Cubs have options.

Once Javier Baez is healthy, I can see a four-headed monster rotating between third base, second base,  and left field.

There's not the same pop that you get from Schwarber, and they're all right handed hitters, but I think that they could fill the gap nicely.

The wildcard is Matt Szczur.  He's gotten off to a really nice start this season.  He's also out of options, so either he stays with the Cubs or could be lost to another team.  I'd like to see him stick around and be given a shot at left.  I think he could be a pleasant surprise.

However, I'm happy to have no more surprises, too!

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