Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016 Media Guide

I called the Cubs on Thursday to place an order for a 2016 media guide.  I had to leave a message.  They called me back on Friday and I ordered my book.

It came on Monday.

Way to go Cubs concessions department!

Here's a look at the cover.

As they have since 2011, the cover has a blue cloth-like look to it.  Featured players are Heyward, Rizzo, Arrieta, Maddon, Bryant, and Lester.

There are 384 pages of Cubs facts and info.  That's a bump up of 16 pages over last year.  A winning team means more good things to write about.

With this book, my run of roster books / media guides is extended to 59 consecutive years.


  1. So...what is a media guide exactly?

  2. That alone is a pretty damn impressive collection. You have 59 more media guides than I do. Very cool.

  3. Very nice collection you got there. I was at Turner Field this weekend and picked up last years for a dollar and have seen others at the flea market recently I should buy.

  4. What did they charge you for the media guide, incl. shipping?

  5. What's the phone number? I have been looking fora 2016 Media Guide for months.