Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 Topps Factory Team Set

The 17-card Topps factory team set has arrived at the WW Headquarters.

This is the 11th year of these team sets.  Since 2010 the set has been made up of 17 cards.  I like the fact that there are 17 as it fits nicely into binder sheets.  I have my year card, then the 17 cards, completely filling two pages.

Of the 17 cards, only two players are not on the current Cubs roster.  Chris Coghlan was traded during spring training and Javier Baez is on the DL, but should be on the roster soon.  That is a big change from a few years ago and goes to show how things are really improving for the Cubs.










  1. Fun to watch so far!

    Interesting that they changed the crop for the Bryant since it lacks the Future Stars designation but not Russell's.

    1. Found the Getty original for Russell's card (488335990) and I guess they just didn't have room at the top of the photo to move it down on the base card like they did for Bryant.

  2. always one of my favorite posts to do was the comparison of the factory team set to the cards from flagship. i wish they would bring back manager or stadium cards as part of this set.