Sunday, April 3, 2016

The 2016 Chicago Cubs

And away we go!  The 2016 season starts tomorrow!

The expectations are high.  Vegas has the Cubs as the favorite to win the World Series.

But you have to play the 162 games first.

The 25 man roster that opens the season has only four players that weren't with the team last year.  Three are big name free agents, Heyward, Zobrist, and Lackey.  The fourth, Adam Warren, came to the Cubs from the Yankees for Starlin Castro.

Despite the lack of major turnover, only 12 of the 25 have a card in series one or Opening Day.  So I fired up Photoshop and made 2016 base cards for the other 13.

Here thay are:









Starting Pitchers



The Bullpen



  1. Geez, I wish all those cards were real - it will be interesting to see how many make it to series 2.