Tuesday, May 17, 2016

1965 Bazooka Billy

It has been months since I have added anything to my Billy Williams PSA Master list collection, but the drought has ended.  I found a listing for a 1965 Bazooka card listed at a reasonable BIN price.  Older Bazooka cards don't pop up very often, so I grabbed the card right away.

The trim job on the card isn't all that bad.  I can see a good portion of the dashed line.  The picture on the card looks nice too.

With this addition, I now have 99 of the 127 items on the PSA Master list that show Billy as a Cub.  That's good for a 78% completion rate.


  1. Any Bazooka is a nice pickup.

  2. Touchy subject I know but are you including A's cards towards your completion rate?

    1. I'm just going after cards of him with the Cubs.

  3. Those kind of cards are the fun part of collecting. Nice pickup!

  4. Don't think I've ever seen one of these Bazooka cards before. Beautiful card.

  5. That's a great trim job; assuming no creases it would grade quite highly. PSA requires all four borders in order to get a numerical grade. Otherwise it gets a grade of Authentic no matter how good it looks.