Thursday, April 12, 2018

Major Package From Matt

Yesterday I received a very large box of cards from one of the most generous bloggers out there, Matt from Once A Cub.

The box was stuffed with several different packages of cards...

These ten bags contain sets of Cubs minor league teams 
The top row is 1996 Iowa, 2011 Tennessee, 1991 Iowa, and 1992 Iowa
In the middle are 1997 Iowa, 2009 Tennessee (with Ryno that manager on top), 2008 Tennessee, and 1995 Iowa.
The bottom two are 2012 Tennessee and 1989 Iowa

I'm looking forward to opening them up and seeing a boatload of busts (maybe you noticed the ever-present Brooks Kieschnick on the top of one of the sets) along with some of the stars before they were stars.

As nice as all of those are, the other stacks are what earn Matt the title of super-generous.

These three stacks contain...

the Topps Now Cubs cards from 2016.  And I'm pretty sure that there are almost all of the 2016 Topps Now Cubs cards!  Wow!!
Included are
  • 90 from the regular set
  • the complete 15 card Cubs post-season set
  • 3 from the post-season bonus set
  • the complete 15 card World Series set
  • 6 cards from the Cubs World Series Throwback Thursday set
  • 11 from the off season
Add those up and it makes 140 cards.

140 Topps Now cards.....again, wow... talk about a generous fellow blogger!!!

It's going to take some time to get all of these scanned.  I'm planning to start with the Topps Now cards and then move on to the minor league sets.

Stay tuned and

THANK YOU MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wowza. That's a JayBarkerFan Level care package!

  2. Yeah, Matt hooked me up with the Topps Now sets, too! Those cards are the backbone to my World Series binder. Super generous dude!

  3. Thanks for all the entertainment over the years! And putting up with my pesky requests to update your checklist!

  4. That's fantastic! I can't wait to see your breakdown of all that good stuff