Thursday, January 26, 2023

A Guest Writer Today

 Its January and there isn't much happening with new cards.  The first series for Topps 2023 won't come out for a couple more weeks.  I don't have much to say, so I invited a guest writer for today.  

Please give a warm Wrigley Wax welcome to Chatgpt.

I thought I'd let the bot do some of my work.

I have that card, which means it can't be that valuable.

Well, the bot is wrong.  It says that Billy consecutive game streak was the third-longest in NL history at the time.  It was actually the longest NL streak and the third-longest in MLB history.  It's nice to still be smarter than a machine!

Only one of the bot's recommendations, "Cardboard History," is what most would consider an actual blog.  And no Night Owl?  What about Wrigley Wax??


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  1. I think I spotted another AI error: Cardboard History is run by Billy Kingsley, everyone knows that ;)