Friday, January 27, 2023

All I've Got of Him - Willson Contreras

 It's been over a month since he signed with the Cardinals and I guess I'm ready to finally get to this.  It was tough seeing him go, as he seemed to be the team leader on the field.  You couldn't argue against the intensity he brought to the field.  He was also one of the last remaining 2016 Cubs still with the team (Kyle Hendricks is the only one left now). But time marches on and Willson marched south to St. Louis.  He will be hard to replace.

I have a total of 165 cards of Contreras.  There are 152 regular cards, 12 relics, and one autograph.


These are probably my favorites of the bunch.  The 2017 Fire (left) captures his personality while the 2018 gives a glimpse of his intensity.

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  1. He definitely will be hard to replace! I hope management knows what they're doing with the catching strategy this year.