Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Giveaway Billy Statue

The weekend was a bust for the Cubs....no hit by Hamels, swept by the Phillies.  But it wasn't a total bust.  On Friday the Cubs gave away 10,000 miniature versions of the Billy Williams statue.

I didn't go to the game but I was able to pick up a statue.  The Ebay seller was extremely efficient and I got mine yesterday...Game Friday, shipped Saturday, arrived Monday.

The statue comes in a nice box, protected in a layer of styrofoam,

And here's the statue.  Its made of some metallic type material and colored to look like the original.

A pretty decent representation during a pretty lousy weekend.


  1. Billy's statue had a better chance of getting a hit off of Hamels than most of the active roster. Great looking giveaway!

  2. Love the replica statues, nice pick up. Still waiting for the Giants to release a Marichal and then my AT&T collection is complete.