Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Streak Is Over

From September 9, 1965

until July 25, 2015

7,920 consecutive games of at least one Cub hit.

It is a major league record.

It's over.

I'm bummed.

I'll gladly trade the stupid record for a Worlds Series title.

That is all.


  1. Hamels' change-up made the Cubs look silly yesterday. The last two games have been really frustrating to watch.

    Part of me liked it better when there was no pressure for the team to win. It's much more stressful sitting down to watch the game these days.

  2. Contending this year for the Cubs was not supposed to be in the cards. It's great that they are doing well right now, but with such a young team you have to think that there's some fatigue that sets in for the young guys who aren't used to the high stress, high expectation environment in the big leagues. I am rooting for you guys, since my Brewers suck, but I really think next year will really see this team gel.

  3. I agree with Tony L. 2016 was supposed to be the year the Cubs figured it out, as was the bold prediction by SI that the Astros would also figure it out. Both are ahead of schedule, which makes a lot of sense in the team having Top 10 prospects contributing. But with that said, both teams are slowing down - playing at a big time level every single day and having people constantly telling you about the expectations has to wear on these young men. I think the veteran teams that know what they're doing (NY Yankees, Angels, Royals [crazy to say that], Giants, Dodgers) are proving this isn't a kid's game. I'd be happy to see the Cubs even contending in September given the past few years...

  4. If I'd told you that Arietta wouldn't lose another game until well into 2016 nobody would have believed it. Including me.