Wednesday, July 22, 2015

water stain - otherwise NRMINT

One of the items on the PSA Master List for Billy Williams is a 1964 Jay Publishing photo.  They don't pop up on Ebay very often.  Then...

...this one did.

I didn't  buy it.

The seller has a very interesting description of the item:

water stain - otherwise NRMINT.

That is the first time I've seen water stain and near mint in the same description.  How can something have both?

I'm pretty sure it can't.

Once it gets water-stained, the near mint ship has sailed.

So what other comparable lines can we come up with....

Richard Nixon....had the Watergate thing, otherwise near-great president

Madonna...been with a few guys over the years, otherwise near-virgin

The Cubs...had a tough time the past 100+ years, otherwise near-dynasty

Add your lines in the comments.


  1. Milton Bradley... had a few bumps in the road, otherwise a pretty swell guy

  2. Brandon Phillips...fewer putouts, assists, chances, smaller range and more errors than Darwin Barney in 2012, but otherwise the better Gold Glove candidate...