Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 World Series Blister

I wrote this post before the Christmas miracle arrival of the Boxed Set.  I'll get to those cars is a few days.  Today its the blister version of the World Series.  There are only 15 cards in this set, ten less than the boxed set.  Yet the prices I've seen have been the same for both.

Honestly, this is a money grab for Topps.  The regular season factory team sets go for $4.99 and there are 17 cards.  The World Series edition, with two less cards is going for 20 bucks.  Four times the price for two less cards.  A money grab.

You should have noticed right away that most of these are aligned horizontally.  That's a bummer for me.  The cards go in sheets in a binder and the sheets are vertically aligned.  When I want to look at theses, I have to turn the binder instead of just being able to page through the sheets.

The backs have a small write-up and some game details


  1. I picked up the boxed set but not the blister. I agree about the price and am keeping an eye out for an offseason steal.

  2. Its a money grab but then again the card are for the emotional pull. Personally for me I would have rather seen the more traditional (i.e late 1960s or early 2003) type of World Series or playoff card set. A card for every World Series or Playoff game (even games they lost). I doubt we will be getting this in the 2017 Topps set. NBA Hoops does all the NBA playoff games as an insert set. Topps should think about doing this also.