Monday, December 12, 2016

Another for the Billy PSA Collection

After three months of nothing, I was recently able to add another card to my Billy Williams PSA Master Collection.

This is the 1964 Venezuelan version of Billy's card.  You can see that it is in pretty rough shape.  There is some serious paper loss on the back.  The front is yellowed.  It has creases.  And I don't care.

This was the first of these to pop up on Ebay in months.  The condition was poor but the price was right.  In fact, I saved a few bucks with a Best Offer.  As an added bonus, the seller is from Venezuela, so I got to follow the Fed Ex tracking from Caracas to Sturgis.


  1. Great pick up! I have picked up a few Venezuelan cards for my McCovey collection and it seems a decent number have paper loss on the back. I have heard speculation that it was common to glue these into books when they were collected. Your front looks really nice.

  2. The back is in rough shape, but the front is gorgeous. Congrats on the pick-up!

  3. I've heard about these Venezuelan cards but never seen one. Great pickup! I agree with the above comments, re: the front of the card. And it's cool that you're buying the Billy from its country of origin.