Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Some of my Topps Cubs binders are a bit overstuffed, so last week I did a little reorganizing. to clear some room. I decided to make the Topp binders strictly the base cards and inserts.  The parallel sets were going to go into their own separate binder.

I found that I had a total of 14 different parallel sets.

They started with the 1984 Nestle set.

My next parallels came nine years later, in 1993

I've got the Gold, Marlins, and Diamondbacks versions of the cards.  Gold was available for other years, too, but for reasons I can't recall, I just went for the 1993 gold.  Gold parallels were introduced by Topps the year before.  I suppose that some day I'll get the '92 set since it was the first.

Expansion in 1998 meant more parallels.

Here's the Devil Ray and Diamondback cards.

My next step in the the parallel universe was in 2009.

The Walmart blacks were quite the thing that year.

Two years later Topps went parallel crazy.

I ended up with the Diamond, Cognac, gold,black versions, and limited factory set versions.

Things calmed down a bit the next year.

My 2012 parallels are the gold and mini.

After that I decided to ditch any future parallels.  No regrets for that decision.

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