Sunday, December 4, 2016

Five Random Cubs Cards

I've got 14,496 Cubs cards from 109 different brands listed on a spreadsheet. A random number generator picked five cards, one each from the past several decades.

1900s - 1970s: 1911 T201 John Kling Leonard Cole  This is a reprint from the T201 set. The cards were two-in-one.  By folding the top over you got a card of Leonard Cole.  Lift up the Cole top and you have a card of John Kling.  Pretty clever.

1980s: 1987 Topps #383 Ron Davis Davis was drafted by the Cubs in 1976, traded to the Yankees in the Ken Holtzman trade in 1978, had several good years with the Yankees, moved on to the Twins, and then the Cubs reacquire him in August, 1986.  His best days were behind him as he posted an ERA over six during his time with the Cubs.

1990s: 1996 Collectors Choice #80 Mark Grace This horizontal card gives a clear look at the Cubs Cuba road jerseys. I'm glad these didn't last very long.

2000s: 2005 Topps Chrome Autograph #223 Chad Balsko  Yes, no Cubs collection is complete unless you have an autographed card of Chad Blasko.  The guy was injured and didn't pitch in 2005 or 2006.  He resurfaced in independent ball in 2007.

2010s: 2016 Berger's Best #2016 Kyle Schwarber It seems kinda silly to have a reprint of a card from the same year the card was released.  But silly has never stopped Topps.


  1. Shoot. I better get on that Chad Blasko auto if I'm ever going to complete my Cubs collection. Ha!

  2. I've actually got a checklist of Chadd (Double D) Blasko going, and am three short of complete excluding plates. He went to Mishawaka HS where I grew up (would have went there if I didn't move) and is apparently still a gym teacher somewhere in Michiana. I recall him being a monster on the mound in high school. If anyone has the Black Heritage, red Chrome X-fractor auto or the Topps black parallel, let me know and I'll trade in your favor! I'd like to get his list done - I enjoy collecting the local northern Indiana guys!

    1. I didn't realize he was a Mishawaka guy...l'm in Sturgis, Michigan and we shop in Mishawaka at the mall often.